Pre-Conference Webinar

Webinar Topic: Reducing Carbon Footprint With Hydrogen Processes

23 September 2021 | 3pm - 4pm (SGT)

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Hydrogen is already a commodity that is utilized as a feedstock in a variety of industrial applications, from refineries to the manufacturing of ammonia and methanol. From less than 20 Mt in 1975 to more than 80 Mt in 2020, the global demand for pure hydrogen has surged dramatically. Color codes, often known as labels like gray, blue and green, are used in the energy business to distinguish between different forms of hydrogen based on the technique used to produce it.

Currently, practically all hydrogen produced for industrial usage — in refineries and manufacturing plants — is referred to as "gray" hydrogen.

When the emissions from the steam reforming process are caught and stored underground using industrial carbon capture and storage (CSS), hydrogen is called “blue,” resulting in a “low carbon” energy source.

“Green” hydrogen is a clean kind of hydrogen produced with power supplied from renewable sources such as wind or solar; that is, splitting water by electrolysis and venting hydrogen into the atmosphere with no negative consequences.

Rajesh will discuss how the industry can reduce carbon footprint by utilizing digitalization and integrated technologies for blue and green hydrogen.


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Rajesh D. Sharma, O&G Marketing Upwards Solutions Director, Schneider Electric

Rajesh D. Sharma is Global Marketing Director for the Schneider Electric Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals segment, and is responsible for developing strategy and marketing tactics around Integrated Digitized Solutions (integrating Automation, IoT, analytics, Big Data solutions) and new business models for the Schneider Electric Oil & Gas portfolio of offerings. Rajesh has more than 28 years of experience in energy sector and has previously acted as Managing Director for Telvent Energia SA branch, Abu Dhabi for the Middle East region and as General Manager in Reliance Industries, India where he was responsible for design and selection of control systems in midstream business. He holds bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation Engineering from India.

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