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Decarbonisation Technology focuses on strategies, legislation and technologies powering the transition to sustainable fuels and energy. It explores the global deployment of technologies, products and services, whether mature, at early adoption, under demonstration or prototype, together with the growth of supporting infrastructure, latest policies and proposed legislation. It combines knowledge from refineries, gas and petrochemical plants, engineering and technology companies alongside renewable energy producers, governments, advisers, and policy makers looking to influence the energy transition.

DR logo_300dpi is the refining, gas and petrochemical processing industries reference library of choice, providing a constantly growing database of technical articles, company literature, product brochures, videos, industry news, events and company information.

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Energy Tech Review is a guardian angel in this concern, assisting the service providers and business people to choose from the vast pool of enterprises who have worked in the energy sector to bring positive changes in our environment. Energy Tech Review aggregates the brightest minds, opinions, analyses, the latest technologies, and the most mind-boggling arguments about the critical issues that exist in the energy sector. 


First with the latest fuels and lubricants industry news. Our extensive, cross-platform media network includes web, mobile app, email, social, print, and event channels


Oil & Gas AustralAsia was launched at the beginning of 2015 to fill a gap in the Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining Industry to cover predominantly South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand and has now spread in to China, JAPAN and the Philippines and almost all of Asia. Publication has offices in Perth and Kuala Lumpur.

Now the whole region is covered in one publication and companies can promote their business by advertising in just the one publication saving on advertising costs and readers have their news both online and hard copy in one place.

The magazine is available both in hard copy form and online. Subscriptions are free and payment is only required for postage of the hard copy. Online advertising is fully digital interactive and our readers can click on your advertisement and be automatically be connected to your website.

To subscribe or advertise visit our website or contact or call +61 437 700 093 or +603 2775 9681


PETROFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced online platform for international oil and gas industries and major physical markets.

For more information about PETROFINDER, please visit our website

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Tank Storage Magazine is the leading industry publication dedicated exclusively to the bulk liquid storage terminal sector.

It has been delivering the latest news, developments, analysis, products and innovations for 15 years.

Published 7 times a year, the publication is read by CEOs, terminal managers, business development managers and senior engineers within the oil, gas, renewables and petrochemical market.


The Singapore Engineer, the magazine of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES), provides a platform for the communication of information on developments and achievements in various fields of engineering, to a readership primarily comprising members of IES but also including key decision makers in the wider engineering community.

The Singapore Engineer strives to strike a balance in its coverage of every engineering discipline in the engineering community. The objective of The Singapore Engineer is to capture and convey the contributions and potential contributions of engineers in addressing various challenges and opportunities, in a rapidly changing world.

The magazine covers a wide spectrum of these developments with information, news and stories that serve the interest of both long-established as well as emerging industries here. The magazine aims at capturing the dynamic achievements of reputed engineering professionals, highlights on current topical issues and related technology news & events, all for the betterment of its readers, the nation and the industry at large. The Singapore Engineer ultimately aims to ensure that its engineer members are kept abreast with the latest standards in practice and the options available to ensure the highest level of quality, performance, safety and sustainability of all their projects - completed, in the pipeline or yet to come. Aside from catering to the reading needs of its members, The Singapore Engineer also offers advertising opportunities for the providers of the many diverse industries to reach out and directly target these highly qualified engineering practitioners, their partners, principals and related colleagues.

energy.wedoany.logo is the leading-edge global professional service platform for energy engineering, with a focus on equipment and materials for global energy engineering applications as well as full technical services. It serves countries and regions worldwide in energy engineering construction, promoting in-depth cooperation for energy industries with state-of-the-art network intelligence technology and fostering the sustainable development of the global economy and environment. operates in seven languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. It covers over 200 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and Oceania, and is especially influential in the energy industry in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. specializes in global energy production and utilization methods, including oil and gas, coal, power grid, thermal power generation, hydropower generation, photovoltaic and solar power generation, wind power generation, nuclear energy, marine energy, geothermal energy, industrial and building energy conservation.


World-Energy, the world's largest energy portal, is an advocate and executor of value-based energy information. It aims to promote world energy cooperation, effectively promoteenergy technologiesexchanges, and achieve more convenient sharing of resources topromote the balanced development of economies and energy.

World-Energy( on timely tracking and in-depth reportingof important information such as energy policy, development trend analysis, expertopinions, innovative technologies, corporate news, international cooperation, and industryactivities in nearly 200 countries and regions around the world.


Worldoils is a company that combines the power of marketing as well as the in-house expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the Maritime industries. Worldoils' web portal has become a truly central platform for visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products and services, research, training, conferences, news and events as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils has strengthened its position as a fast developing central place for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment.

Knowledge Partner

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Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, infrastructure, and cities. ARC stands apart due to its in-depth coverage of both operational technologies (OT) and engineering technologies (ET) and associated business trends. ARC analysts and consultants have the industry knowledge and the first-hand experience to help clients find the best answers to the complex business issues facing organizations. Technology supplier clients get access to strategic market research and insights, while end user clients get expert help with developing appropriate adoption strategies and selecting the best technology solutions for their needs.

Supporting Partners

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Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA) was founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit organization to promote the use of clean fuels in Asia and the Middle East. Its members are made up of international oil and petrochemical companies that support policies enacting the use of cleaner fuels.

ACFA focuses on fuel quality improvement and harmonization in the regions. It provides scientific and technical expertise to Asia/Middle East policymaking bodies to empower their clean fuels programs and efforts. It also collaborates a scientific approach to fuels legislation across the region.

ACFA is a core member of the Coordinating Council in Clean Air Asia which is sponsored by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. ACFA is also a key member of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles.

ACFA has sponsored and supported many clean fuel projects in countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Australia and in the Middle East that have enabled many successful policies relating to fuel quality standards and biofuels implementation.


HFCAS has its roots as a community started in 2007 with support from the Economic Development Board (EDB) – part of the Singapore Government. It aims then was to foster a culture of innovation and enterprise development through partnerships in a community-based system for collaboration and support between members across the developmental value chain for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell users and providers. The community started with 40 different organisations which included government agencies, academia and industry players. However, interest died down over the years and the community became inactive.

In 2015, some of the members revived the community amid renewed interest in the Hydrogen Economy and the community attracted new and old members back again. Under the efforts of our current President, Mr Noel Chin, membership in the community grew to over 200 members in 2019.

Besides being a networking platform for the industry, academia and governmental agencies to network, the community also expanded to include organisation of site visits and study missions locally and aboard for members to learn and expand their knowledge as well as to help bring back best practices for the industry in Singapore.

At the end of 2019, it was decided to formalise the Singapore Fuel Cell Community to provide a united voice of the industry with credibility when dealing with government agencies, other associations and companies. It also signals our intention to support the push for hydrogen and fuel cell development and deployment in Singapore.

The formation of the Association also comes at a time when Singapore is planning for her future plans with regards to climate change. The Association with all its members are helping to educate and promote the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the Singapore context to help Singapore decarbonize and move towards a greener energy mix for power generation, mobility and industrial applications.


The Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) is a neutral, independent, non-profit organization established in September 1985, with a mission to foster better understanding of the petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries in Thailand with emphasis on human resources development, information services, technical services, public policy and regulatory support, to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of the industry and the country.

With continuous support from government, academic and private sectors, PTIT has over the years earned recognition as an instrumental advocate of accurate and timely information, social responsibility, as well as multilateral dialogue among concerned parties for the promotion of sound and practical policies and regulations.

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The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) with close to 600 members from a variety of industries is part of a network of 150 offices of the German bilateral Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad in 93 countries. The Chamber is part of the official foreign trade promotion of the Federal Republic of Germany and a well-connected institution with the business community, as well as government authorities in both countries.

Especially noteworthy for attendees and stakeholders of ADS are the SGC’s member committees “chemical industries” and “sustainability”, as well as the annually organized projects for the German export initiative energy efficiency.

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The Institution of Engineers, Singapore was formally established on July 1966 as the national society of engineers in Singapore. IES is the premier engineering Institution in Singapore and is often called upon by the Government to provide feedback on professional engineering matters.

IES is well represented among the faculty members of the major engineering institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Through close collaboration with the local universities and polytechnics, IES organises courses, seminars and talks for engineers and IES members to advance the continuous development of engineers.

The Institution maintains close links with professional organisations of engineers regionally and throughout the world. These include organisations in Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. The Institution also represents Singapore in the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) in promoting goodwill and fellowship among all engineers in the region and internationally.

Through its Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB), IES obtained full signatory status in the Washington Accord (WA) in June 2006. The entry grants IES the authority to represent Singapore, the first country within the ASEAN region which has obtained full signatory status in the WA, to vet education systems under the WA mutual recognition framework.

To raise the technical competencies of engineers in Singapore and promote engineering to the community, IES has introduced the Chartered Engineer Programme, World Engineers Summit and National Engineers Day.

IES will not rest on its laurels and will seek to bring the engineering profession greater recognition and raise the status of engineers both locally and internationally through closer collaboration with its stakeholders and contributions to society.

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Vietnam ASEAN Hydrogen Club, abbreviated as VAHC, is a private club. We aim to create a formal playground for policymakers, scientists, researchers, project developers, financial investors, and climate change sponsors to form a hydrogen community in Vietnam, South, and the ASEAN region. Through VAHC, members, governmental and non-governmental agencies, hydrogen energy campaigners, technologists, and investors can meet and transfer resources in terms of human resources, land fund, technology, know-how, finance, construction, supply, and consumption of hydrogen at the national and regional levels. We advise international partners on establishing hydrogen, clean energy, and new energy projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.