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Augmenteed offers a software solution that enables industrial companies to digitize workflows that will instantly upskill their field technicians to Engineer 4.0. Augmenteed software can be deployed on all mobile devices (AR glasses, smartphones, and tablets). Technicians will be able to perform tasks efficiently, with reduced errors and enhanced productivity for:

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
  • Inspection and Reporting
  • Remote Support
  • Training

Our software enables organizations to:

  • Digitize their workflows within hours without coding
  • Replace paper-based applications with smart forms
  • Provide technicians with real-time guidance
  • Train technicians more efficiently

The platform works with a simple-to-use interface which allows companies to digitize workflows within hours and no coding is required.

We work across many industries including Energy, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defense, Transport, Logistics, Construction, and many more.

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Ex Digital Products: Uncompromised Safety in Hazardous Environments

In hazardous environments, safety isn't an option - it's an imperative. That's why FSE SAFE Projects Pte Ltd is proud to present our Ex Digital product line. These specialized solutions are meticulously engineered to excel where others falter.

Our offerings include Explosion-Proof Apple Devices, ATEX-Certified Communication Devices, Intrinsically Safe Electronics, and the revolutionary Kiber AR System Wearable Connectivity Kit. This Augmented Reality system empowers field workers with hands-free connectivity, seamlessly connecting them with remote experts. It integrates seamlessly with Android and MS Teams, providing an unparalleled level of connectivity and collaboration.

The Explosion-Proof Apple Devices are original Apple products with all features intact. They have been expertly converted and certified for use in hazardous areas, specifically Zone 1 and Zone 2. These devices retain all the functionality of standard Apple products, offering excellent high MP front and back cameras, the safest and most secure iOS, real-time software updates, and a lifespan of over 5 years. Moreover, FSE SAFE provides the capability to convert and certify locally purchased devices to Ex devices, offering flexibility and convenience to our clients.

At FSE SAFE, we understand the critical importance of technology in high-risk settings. Our Ex Digital range, including the groundbreaking Kiber AR System, combines cutting-edge innovation with unwavering safety standards. From robust hardware to encrypted communications, every detail is meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of demanding environments.

Trust in FSE SAFE for Ex Digital solutions that redefine safety in hazardous zones. With our products, you're not just getting technology - you're getting peace of mind.

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Typical digital transformation companies often require your team to advise all the ways to successfully use your data, limiting the potential for any major impact (Due to limited time and know-how). At Reliabix Analytics, we already know how to use your existing data to the greatest possible benefit. Once engaged, we get to work straight away, gathering the correct engineering factors to maximize the potential for any given point of data. As a result, we generate more outcomes than would otherwise be possible.

From a single point of data, we expand that into multiple additional data streams that provide practical meaning for your asset. Then, we further analyze that data to provide actionable insights. If the asset is healthy, we let you know; If not, we rank them, notifying you of changes, advise on risk potentials and make recommendations for actions that will improve your results.

Reports are tailored for each application and presented appropriately to the target audience. We will discuss with all recipients what they want to see, what insights are valuable to them and match their desired reporting schedule.

This benefits all your teams including Maintenance, Reliability, Operations, Planners, Projects, Human Resources and more.

It is like having a full time rotating equipment specialist on your team. The solution is currently focused on centrifugal pumps, which provide the greatest scope of impact for our services.

Once you start experiencing the savings bought on by the Reliabix Analytics solution, you can then consider adding additional sensors to plug any gaps in asset health visibility.

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Founded in 2020, Zuno Carbon is an award-winning, climate tech Singapore-based startup that provides decarbonisation solutions for organisations of all sizes to take bold steps towards reducing their environmental impact. Zuno Carbon’s solution, Veridis helps companies to track their direct and indirect carbon emissions, identify hot spots and make data-driven carbon reduction decisions across their entire supply chain.

Its innovative approach to ESG management offers an added layer of granularity to accelerate the race towards net zero. Zuno Carbon’s approach has won recognition and multiple accolades within the industry, including the Startup Arena Pitch Battle by Tech in Asia and East Ventures, as well as the ARTC Startup Challenge 2021.