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Asian Downstream Summit

26-27 October 2021

Asian Downstream Summit (ADS) is Asia’s most influential downstream oil & gas event, and a globally recognized brand, that brings together senior industry leaders and decision makers across the downstream value chain to discuss the most pressing challenges and issues that the industry is facing, and how to overcome them.

Asian Downstream Summit 2021 will be co-located with the popular Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC). Together they make up Asia’s most important regional gathering for the downstream oil & gas sector, and a “must-attend” event in the regional industry calendar.

The 2021 ADS agenda focuses on “Industry 4.0”, and will dig deep into the journey of digital transformation, from automation to autonomous operations, and dive into the opportunities along the way that allow operators to achieve sustainable operational excellence, even in challenging market conditions.

As part of the program, we will examine how operators can leverage off technologies to modernise and optimise their existing infrastructure, and thrive in a transitioning and evolving energy market. We will also examine the evolution of downstream supply chain, and how the trend towards new “cleaner” energy sources will impact the traditional oil and gas industry. How can the industry - governments and regulating bodies - collaborate to maintain a dynamic and competitive market? And how can downstream oil and gas players maximise the sustainability of their operations?


Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC)

26-27 October 2021

Against the global landscape of accelerating change throughout the oil & gas industry, Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC) is the key meeting point where thought-leaders look to the future, to embrace change and capture new opportunities to deliver profitable market growth and value creation across the downstream oil and gas supply chain.

The 2021 ARTC programme focuses on the theme “Preparing the plants of tomorrow for a sustainable & low carbon future”, and this year’s event will gather leading industry influencers and experts to share their expertise and first hand case studies on global refining and petrochemical market trends, how operators can remain sustainable and competitive in an evolving market, and how digitalisation and IIoT is changing critical business infrastructure.

The market eagerly anticipates ARTC 2021 will be in a hybrid format, which and co-located with the popular Asian Downstream Summit (ADS), that will together host all the major NOCs, IOCs, integrated oil companies, EPC contractors, consultants, financiers, law firms, technology providers, digital vendors, and service companies all of whom play an active role in the global downstream oil & gas value chain

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Sabin Metal Post-Event Webinar

3 November 2021, 11am - 12pm (SGT)

There is a trend in the petroleum and petrochemical refining industry over the past five years or so as an ever-increasing percentage of carbon is being found within alumina and silica-alumina precious metals (PM) catalysts sent in for reclaim. Some of the material arriving is over 40% carbon, and this has been corroborated by many PM refining companies around the world. Numerous challenges are resulting, and (like many problems throughout our industry) the solution will require a greater sharing of ideas, increased communication between all parties involved, and a concerted approach to find the win-win.

This webinar will therefore explain and explore the following:

• The causes of the high carbon/coke content
• The necessity and methodology for the removal of the carbon
• The perceived and real repercussions within the entire PM catalyst supply chain, from manufacturer, to user, to final reclaim and recycling:
- The effects on supply and demand of PM
- The effect of ‘trapped’ precious metals on PM market circulation
- The increased costs, delays, etc. facing the catalyst owners and users
- The various and increasing pressures on the PM reclaimers
- Similar and simultaneous issues within the PM market
• Follow up summary, discussion and question and answer session follows, including suggested action items


Crystaphase Post-Event Webinar

17 November 2021, 11am - 12pm (SGT)

Hydroprocessing engineers and managers who want the most from their reactors will not want to miss this look at a new technology from Crystaphase that, based on a recent case study, can help promote desirable reactions, inhibit undesirable reactions, improve weighted-average bed temperatures, and potentially improve reactor productivity, all while helping meet product specifications.

Austin Schneider will explore the natural fluid dynamics of trickle-bed reactors and how advanced materials and specialized procedures can help disrupt rivulets to improve liquid and gas dispersion within a catalyst bed, with potential benefits to refiners in conventional and renewable applications now and in the future.