Hydroprocessing TA Optimization

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Preparing reactor systems in hydroprocessing, hydrocracking and other process units to replace catalysts as well as perform other maintenance activities has become increasingly more challenging with more stringent environmental and personnel protection regulations, especially as our industry continues to adopt higher standards of personal safety and exposure elimination. The modern reactor system shutdown is now subject to many new limits on venting and flaring (flareless) as a direct result of the various global legislation changes as well as maintenance contractor requirements. This discussion will explore new technological and best practice developments including the application of RTI’s high performance solvent injection process for reactor system shutdown and preparation of operating units for maintenance that enable manufacturers to safely ensure shutdown excellence. The session will include a case study with the application of RTI’s RX Process with QTRX2.

  • Reactor System Shutdown Best Practices
  • Safe and Reliable Reactor Preparation
  • Reactor System Environmental Compliance 
  • Shutdown Sequence Optimization