Post-Event Webinar

Webinar Topic: How A Breakthrough Redispersion Technology Could Change The Way Refiners Operate

17 November 2021 | 11am - 12pm (SGT)

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Hydroprocessing engineers and managers who want the most from their reactors will not want to miss this look at a new technology from Crystaphase that, based on a recent case study, can help promote desirable reactions, inhibit undesirable reactions, improve weighted-average bed temperatures, and potentially improve reactor productivity, all while helping meet product specifications.

Austin Schneider will explore the natural fluid dynamics of trickle-bed reactors and how advanced materials and specialized procedures can help disrupt rivulets to improve liquid and gas dispersion within a catalyst bed, with potential benefits to refiners in conventional and renewable applications now and in the future.


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Austin Schneider, Crystaphase, Director of Technology

Austin Schneider leads Crystaphase’s technology department, with responsibilities in technical service, product development, intellectual property, and customer education. He has developed and applied models for reactor filtration, catalyst poisoning, fluid distribution, and catalyst usage optimization. He has put these models to the test in the field working directly with refinery engineers, conducting on site troubleshooting of reactor fouling and related issues.

Austin has worked in the refining industry since 2004, focusing on fixed bed reactor hydraulics, feed purification, and particle generation. He holds a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in physics.

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