Conference Themes


  • Outlining the decarbonisation roadmap
  • Realising exceptional plant performance through data science and advanced technology
  • Driving plant improvements, achieving operational excellence and improving quality through asset management and IoT
  • Using big data and machine learning for process monitoring, optimisation and prediction
  • Digital Twins – applications in refining and petrochemicals
  • Managing carbon in the fossil-fuel-based value chain
  • Future challenges for industrial cybersecurity
  • Motivating the workforce of the future
  • Meeting expectations of young engineers in the decarbonisation era
  • Advances in cybersecurity technologies
  • Renewing, retooling and re-energising the workforce, and ensuring their relevancy in a fast-changing external world
  • Taking integrated approaches to combat cyber risks in refineries
  • Global downstream refining and petrochemical outlook
asian downstream summit 2019
asian downstream summit 2019