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Antea specializes in RBI-driven asset integrity management software with 3D digital twin and mobility. Since 1989, Antea has facilitated digital transformation for operators of process plants in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, nuclear, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. The company’s innovative engineering and IoT technologies deliver one-click access to intelligent asset data for improved maintenance, reliability, and risk mitigation. Their solutions are backed by unparalleled data management services, delivering complete support from implementation through to sustainable operations.

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Asset Performance Networks, Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the trusted leader for improving asset and operational performance in petroleum, chemical, and energy companies worldwide. We work with our client’s most critical assets—their people, processes, and production facilities—in order to help them achieve safe, competitive, predictable outcomes on their high-risk events—namely capital projects and turnarounds.

Since our company began, we’ve prided ourselves on providing actionable solutions that are a powerful hybrid of digital intelligence and data analytics expertise that together generate measurable results. Our tools allow organization leaders to see the status of projects and turnarounds at a glance, and provide the means for site teams to track progress, facilitate decision-making and collaboration. Through data analytics and cloud-based digital blueprints, we help our clients drive superior performance in capital projects and turnarounds.

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Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Lummus Technology, is a leading process technology licensor for refining hydroprocessing technologies and alternative source fuels, as well as a global leader in catalyst system supply. CLG offers the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel solution for upgrading heavy oil residues. Our research and development experts are continuously seeking advancements in technology and catalysts that will improve operating economics for your next project. For more information, visit www.chevronlummus.com.

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China Petroleum Technology and Development Corporation (CPTDC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). It is the largest Chinese equipment, machinery, and materials supplier for world energy market, upstream and downstream, with registered offices and branches in over 40 countries globally. Since early 2000, CPTDC has been working with several famous Chinese catalyst research institutes and catalyst companies to provide catalyst and technologies to overseas refining clients. Besides catalyst and refining technologies, CPTDC also supplies high pressure vessels, compressors, and other long-lead items to the refining and petrochemical industries. Introduction of our FCC catalyst plants:

  • Established 1964
  • 2 Manufacturing plants in China (Lanzhou & Fujian)
  • Production capacity >100K MT/year
  • Able to utilize all known binding technologies
  • Excellent R&D facilities & outstanding research team
  • Lab features state-of-the-art equipment including 9 ACE units, 4 Riser Pilot plants, 2 MCDs, DCR, and all basic instruments
  • To be a leading global supplier of FCC Catalysts and Additives
  • To provide excellent Technical Service and Support
  • Currently serving 40 refiners worldwide
  • Customers in Asia, Africa, North America

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CruzAlta is a global firm that partners with refinery and petrochemical companies to drive operations performance improvement by enhancing operations capability, challenging the status quo, and implementing innovative solutions.

Our approach starts with developing a deep understanding of each client’s unique pain points. From there, CruzAlta will apply a subset of its’ proven methodologies to address the specific site needs with an approach that balances capturing immediate value and locking in sustained performance improvements.

We help our clients think differently and confidently.

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Crystaphase reinvented reactor performance in the 1990s with CatTrap® technology and again in the new millennium with ActiPhase® and RDT® technologies. With decades of experience, extensive expertise, and unmatched lab analysis capabilities, Crystaphase has helped leading refiners worldwide achieve unprecedented performance in thousands of installations, from conventional hydroprocessing to advanced renewables. Filtration expertise, dedicated professionals, and proven results: that’s clearing the path to performance. That’s Crystaphase.

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Eni is an integrated energy company with about 32,000 employees in 62 countries world-wide.

Eni's mission is inspired by the UN 2030 Agenda. The values that inspire Eni’s mission are reflected in the business model, itself based on three pillars of long-term carbon neutrality, operational excellence and the creation of alliances for local development.

Eni has a presence along the entire value chain, with high technological content, including oil and natural gas exploration, development and extraction activities, trades in oil and natural gas, power generation from cogeneration and renewable sources, traditional and bio-based refining to markets fuels and lubricants, chemicals and the development of circular economy processes.

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HCpect is the largest private sector FCC catalyst and additives producer in China, and has been supplying more than 40 FCC units globally. HCpect offers a complete high-performance FCC catalyst & additives solution for FCC, RFCC, or DCC units. With competitive products at friendly price, proven logistics, and professional technical service, HCpect is poised to significantly create added-value for refineries. HCpect welcomes inquiries for your FCC catalyst needs!

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Imubit is the leading provider of AI process optimization for refiners and chemical operators. The Imubit Closed-loop Neural Network Platform executes the plants’ money-making operational strategies continuously and consistently. Imubit’s platform interconnects various process units while aligning planning and economics, process engineering, process control and operations around the highest valued opportunities for closed loop optimization. To learn more, please visit imubit.com.

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RTI is a global solutions provider, focused on delivering shutdown support services to clients across North America and globally through predictability, innovation, and expertise. With RTI, you get big-picture thinking with detailed technical execution to improve performance, lower total cost, and ensure you are ready for maintenance. CruzAlta, RTI's consulting arm, partners with refinery and petrochemical companies to drive operations performance improvement by enhancing turnaround and operations capability, challenging the status quo, and implementing innovative solutions. Our reputation for excellence is fueled by our belief that all work matters.

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Rezel is an emerging solutions provider serving the global refining and petrochemical industry with catalysts, process solutions, additives, adsorbents and related services, dedicated to delivering Performance Driven Value since the establishment. We continuously strive to optimize products and processes, to develop new technology and provide refining and petrochemical industry with tailored solution.

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SHANDONG JUNFEI Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a China-based company that provides innovative solutions for global customers. Backed by China's strong supply chain capability and consistently pursuit of technological upgrading, SHANDONG JUNFEI has made remarkable achievements in the field of oil refining catalyst. JFCOP™ and JFDENOx™ has been occupied 70% of domestic market for many years. In addition to cooperating with major domestic oil refineries such as Sinopec and PetroChina, SHANDONG JUNFEI has become a reliable supplier for more than 140 customers worldwide.

SHANDONG JUNFEI is committed to deliver trustworthy, high efficiency and safety to our customers. The pace of upgrading technology and service by SHANDONG JUNFEI never ends.

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China Petrochemical Corporation (the Company) was established in July 1998 on the basis of the former China Petrochemical Corporation, a move by the central government to strategically restructure the petroleum and petrochemical industry. It was further incorporated as a limited liability corporation in August 2018. A super large petroleum and petrochemical group, the Company has a registered capital of 326.5 billion yuan with the chairman of the board of Sinopec Group serving as its legal representative. Headquartered in Beijing, it exercises the investor’s rights to the related state assets owned by its full subsidiaries, controlled companies and share-holding companies, including receiving returns on assets, making major decisions and appointing managers. It operates, manages and supervises state assets according to related laws, and shoulders the corresponding responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state assets.

Principal businesses of the Company include industrial investment and investment management; petroleum and natural gas exploration, production, storage and transportation (including pipeline transportation), sales and comprehensive utilization; coal production, sales, storage and transportation; oil refining; storage, transportation, wholesale and retail of oil products; production, sales, storage, transportation of petrochemical products, gas-based chemicals, coal chemical products and other chemical products; production, sales, storage and transportation of new energy products such as hydrogen, solar, wind and geothermal energies; battery charging and swapping business for new energy vehicles and other related services; design, consulting, construction and installation of petroleum and petrochemical engineering projects; overhaul and maintenance of petroleum and petrochemical equipment; R&D, manufacturing and sales of electrical and mechanical equipment; production and sale of electricity, steam, water and industrial gas; research, development, application and consulting services of technology, e-commerce, information and alternative energy products; import& export, including import and export agency business of self-support products and commodities and technologies; foreign project contracting, bidding and purchasing; international storage and logistics business.

The Company is the largest oil and petrochemical products supplier and the second largest oil and gas producer in China, the largest refining company and the third largest chemical company in the world. Its total number of gas stations ranks the second place in the world. It ranked the 5th on Fortune’s Global 500 List in 2022.

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UNICAT Catalyst Technologies, LLC is a leading Global supplier of catalyst products and related services in the refining, syngas, chemical, steel, agricultural and green energy industries.

Formed in 2000, the driving force behind the company’s formation are four core values, missing from the traditional larger suppliers in the market.

  • Innovation
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Stability
  • Broad product range

UNICAT is proud to have stayed true to this course having developed several innovative products in niche catalyst markets in six key areas; AFS, Magcat®, Polycat, PSA, Purification and Syngas. In 2019, a formal partnership with G. W. Aru, LLC was agreed to market FCC additives in Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2021 White Deer Energy completed the acquisition of both UNICAT and Magma Group, resulting in a merger of the two companies and expansion of product range into Ceramics, Combustion, Electrical Control Panels, and the Innovative Magcat® Catalyst.

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As a family-run business acting globally, with over 11,000 highly qualified employees, the WIKA group of companies is a worldwide leader in pressure and temperature measurement. The company also sets the standard in the measurement of level, force and flow, and in calibration technology. Specialized employees with excellent know-how help to find the most efficient solution.

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For more than 30 years, ZymeFlow has led the chemical decontamination marketing serving refinery, petrochemical, and specialty industries. But we’re more than just innovative chemistry; We are solution providers. Performing 200 plus turnarounds projects each year in more 55 countries, our team of experts and thought leaders provide fast, responsive, turnkey cleaning and chemical decontamination services. Through constant chemistry innovation and process improvement, we help our customers gain the fastest and safest entry into process equipment. Led by our values of accountability and integrity, we deliver superior outcomes time after time.