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Augmenteed is a software platform for designing and building digital workflows for front line technicians at their job site. We optimize the daily tasks of workers by deploying applications that replace outdated manual processes, resulting in improved productivity, better team collaboration, reduced errors and lower costs.

We augment operations for:
1) Standard operating procedures
2) Maintenance and repair
3) Technical support
4) Training

Our platform has a wide range of in-built features, including an AR manual and remote assistance solution, that will instantly upskill local technicians to:
- perform repairs quickly and effectively with real-time guidance from trained experts from around the globe
- deliver high-quality assisted training remotely with step-by-step AR Manuals
- maintain machinery more efficiently and improve uptime of the production cycle

Our platform is unique as it enables industrials to digitize their processes within weeks without coding and offers the flexibility to modify and update the workflows and layouts as per current requirements. Any changes to standard operating procedures and regulations can swiftly be updated to the application

We work across multiple industries benefiting companies in Logistics, Manufacturing, Aerospace and more.

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A CleanTech company in the water remediation & waste-to-worth addressing inefficiencies in oily water treatment whilst providing positive environmental impact.

EcoWorth produces the Carbon Fiber Aerogel (‘CFA’), an environmentally friendly super-absorbent material made from a cellulosic waste biomass.

EcoWorth Tech’s solutions reduce biomass waste (carbon sequestration vs. emission) and provide efficient removal of organics from water (cleaning oily water).

CFA has advanced material properties versus existing materials and can be used in wastewater treatment, oil spills, construction, and soil amendment.


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Frontline is an SG based project & construction technology startup. With Frontline's AI powered optimization algorithms, project & turnaround teams can simulate & optimize millions of schedules in seconds to find the best one in terms of duration, cost & use of resources for their project. With Frontline, planning teams can easily find the best sequence of actions with optimal use of manpower and equipment resources to deliver their projects.