Sulzer GTC Pre Conference Seminar – Innovative Clean Fuels & Petrochemical Technologies

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This virtual workshop will showcase the unique process technology solutions that Sulzer GTC offers to upgrade available feedstock to high value products that can enhance the operating margins of refinery and petrochemical plants, as well as helping to meet sustainability objectives for longer term investments. The presentations will highlight case studies and experiences from segment leaders covering the following topics:

Introduction: Overview of Sulzer GTC Value Proposition

Refinery of the Future – FCC Naphtha Processing for ULS Gasoline with No RON Loss, and Flexibility for Gasoline-to-Petrochemical

Advanced Distillation - Maximizing FCCU Propylene Production at Minimum CAPEX 

Innovative Processes for Low-Cost Renewable Diesel

Chemical Recycling of Plastics: Coming Full Circle

Improve Cracker Margins with New recycle Processing Option and Product Upgrade