4:50 pm - 5:50 pm

Executive Roundtable Discussion: Developing Clean Energy Fuels: Balancing Sustainability Strategies With New Market Opportunities

  • The current state of the refining and petrochemicals industry with respect to clean energy and sustainability, progress made, and challenges faced on the road towards decarbonisation 
  • Potential market for clean energy fuels, and the role of government policy and regulations in driving development and adoption 
  • Technical and engineering challenges associated with development and production of clean fuels

(Moderator) Anne McPhee, Vice President, Business Development, Chemicals and Fuels, Advisian, United States


Anne McPhee

Vice President, Business Development, Chemicals and Fuels

Stéphane Wermester

Commercial Vice President – Asia Pacific Region

Clarence Woo

Executive Director

Beni Suryadi

Manager, Power, Fossil Fuels, Alternative Energy and Storage

Matt Spalding

Vice President, General Manager - Asia Pacific

Kenneth Lim

Refinery Director & General Manager