1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

Leaders Roundtable: Translating Net-Zero Promises Into Action

  • Taking a holistic approach to emissions reduction, while taking into account the value chain, supply chain and end-use of products 
  • Technical and engineering challenges associated with reducing emissions  
  • Role of emerging technologies such as CCUS, hydrogen production, and advanced biofuels  
  • Importance of transparency and reporting in tracking progress toward net-zero goals 

(Moderator) Dr. Pratap Nair, President & CEO, Ingenero, India

*Note: This session end at 2:10 pm.


Ron Beck

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

Stefan Brandt

Market Development Director, Energy Transition, FCC

Mohd Zaid Zolkiffly

Head Technology Program (Renewable Energy), Green Energy Technology Solution

Dr. Abhiruchi Gadgil

Program Manager

Dr. Pratap Nair

Founder, President & CEO