1:50 pm - 2:30 pm

Leaders Roundtable: Translating Net-Zero Promises Into Action

  • Taking a holistic approach to emissions reduction, while taking into account the value chain, supply chain and end-use of products 
  • Technical and engineering challenges associated with reducing emissions  
  • Role of emerging technologies such as CCUS, hydrogen production, and advanced biofuels  
  • Importance of transparency and reporting in tracking progress toward net-zero goals 

*Note: This session end at 2:30 pm.

(Moderator) Dr. Pratap Nair, President & CEO, Ingenero, India


Simon Angell

Senior Vice President

Ron Beck

Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

Rafael Gonzalez

Regional Marketing Manager Asia Pacific & India

Mohd Zaid Zolkiffly

Head Technology Program (Renewable Energy), Green Energy Technology Solution

Dr. Abhiruchi Gadgil

Program Manager

Dr. Pratap Nair

Founder, President & CEO