Dr. Abhiruchi Gadgil

Program Manager
Engie Labs Singapore

Dr. Abhiruchi Gadgil is currently a Research Fellow at Cambridge CARES. She obtained her PhD in Offshore Renewables from Nanyang Technological University and her Master’s in Chemical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. She works in various areas of corporate sustainability including understanding of leadership traits for sustainability adoption, cross-sector analysis of sustainability adoption issues, decarbonization strategies for hard-to-abate sectors, including Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel and Chemical manufacturing sector, etc. She has also dabbled with Natural Capital Accounting, Life Cycle Assessments tools and techniques for projects dealing with carbon accounting and biodiversity issues. Currently, she is also involved in advisory roles for sustainability start-ups and non-profits to improve the robustness of their technical underpinnings.


October 26, 2023, 1:50 pm - 2:30 pm

Leaders Roundtable: Translating Net-Zero Promises Into Action