10:50 am - 11:30 am

CCUS as a Key Driver towards a Net Zero Downstream Industry

  • How are Singapore’s policy makers and regulators supporting CCUS adoption? 
  • Examining global CCUS markets, what best practice exists for ASEAN’s downstream sector? 
  • The roadmap to Net Zero 2030: How can Asia fully leverage its strategic downstream economy to champion carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)? 
  • Investment appetite for CCUS technology, uptake, and projects in the downstream sector 
  • Exploring the importance of public-private partnerships in accelerating CCUS growth 
  • Outlining and overcoming the roadblocks for CCUS development in ASEAN 

(Moderator) Nick Dingemans, Partner, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, Singapore


YB Dr Hj Hazland Bin Abg Hj Hipni

Peter Godfrey

Vice President APAC

Pn. Nora’in Md Salleh

General Manager of Carbon Capture & Storage

Dr. Belladonna Troxylon Maulianda

Executive Director

Nick Dingemans