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Ren Shihong

Senior Engineer
Petrochemical Research Institute of China National Petroleum Corporation (CPTDC)

Joined the Petrochemical research Institute of CNPC in 2014, Shihong has been mainly engaged in the development and research of FCC catalysts, functional additives and FCC processes. He has long been dedicated in the development of key materials and catalysts/additives for the production of light olefins by FCC process. His research mainly involves the nanization, mesoporous and modification of ZSM-5 zeolite, and the formulation and industrial preparation of FCC additives for increasing propylene and Deep Catalytic Cracking(DCC) catalysts. Shihong is also committed to the development of RFCC anti-heavy metal pollution technology and catalysts, including the conversion process and destruction mechanism of vanadium, nickel and other heavy metals on the catalyst, the impact of heavy metals on the structure and properties of zeolite, and the development and research of anti-heavy metal catalysts and additives. He is also responsible for CNPC's FCC catalyst analysis and evaluation, technical consulting and marketing services in catalyst applications.


October 25, 2023, 1:40 pm - 2:00 pm

Development and Application of Key Materials and FCC Additives for maximizing propylene