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Marina Binti Mosir

TP Staff (Fractionation)

Marina Mosir has more than 16 years working experiences in the refinery, gas & LNG industry as a Process Engineer, Lead Process Engineer and Engineering Manager for various PETRONAS operating units and capital projects. She is a mass transfer design expert within the PETRONAS fraternity with more than 14 years experiences in revamping, troubleshooting and designing of distillation columns and separators throughout PETRONAS operating units. Few of patented mass transfer technology product are under her division where she oversees the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and performance test run of this technology from development to obtaining performance. She was a lead process engineer for several brownfields units’ revamps project within PETRONAS namely MRCSB Crude and Vacuum Distillation Revamp Project, PP(T)SB KR1 CDU & KR2 LPG Deethanizer Revamp Project and MLNG AGRU Retray Project where she was responsible to deliver a full cycle of engineering processes from feasibility study until execution stage. Previously, she holds the role of Engineering Manager for PP(T)SB Black Condensate & Heat Integration project which is a project to create plant flexibility to handle new colored feedstock equipped with saving energy through heat integration. Currently, she serves as the project technical advisor and technical managers on any brownfield and greenfield projects that is related to refinery and mass transfer design.


October 26, 2023, 2:40 pm - 3:00 pm

C3+ Recovery Optimisation to High Value LPG Product via Online Predictive Modelling