11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Executive Opening Roundtable: Business Leaders Prepare the Industry for 2030 Targets

The promised 2030 looms ever closer, and with seven years to go before this deadline, refiners are on the clock. With an eye on the need for sustainability, this panel aims to discuss how refiners have made – or are making – moves toward embracing intelligence, flexibility and adaptability in their plants and processes. The panel will also address climate change, the feasibility of a hydrogen economy, sustainable refining, carbon tax, and the finances of turning the industry green.

(Moderator) Tim Rockell, Founder & Managing Director, Energy Strat Asia, Singapore


Permono Avianto

Vice President of Production Planning & Monitoring

Tim Rockell

Founder & Managing Director

Napaporn Ratanapoka

Vice President - Refinery

Alwyn Bowden

Chief Executive Officer