GC gears up to reduce used plastics in Thailand

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) has entered a partnership with ALPLA Company Limited to introduce ENVICCO into its portfolio in order to manufacture food-grade recycled plastic resins.

Located in the Asia Industrial Estate in Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand, the plastic recycling plant aims to reduce the amount of domestically-used plastics in Thailand by 60,000 tons/year, while decreasing greenhouse gases by 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer and President, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, said: “As the world’s leading chemical company for the better living, GC has integrated the circular economy principles into its operations and business model to optimize the use of resources to improve the global quality of life, reduce climate impacts, and create global sustainability and balance.

Today, GC is proud to reveal that ENVICCO is ready for commercial operation. Used plastics within Thailand will make up 100% of the feedstock processed by ENVICCO’s cutting-edge production technologies to transform used plastics into valuable products. These end products will hold equal quality and be nearly indistinguishable to brand new ones.

The ENVICCO production plant is part of our long-term circular economy strategy to fully realize GC’s value chain. It also has the added benefit of creating jobs within the community while simultaneously aligning with the Thai government’s BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) Model.”

Gunther Lehner, Chairman of ALPLA Company Limited, said: “ENVICCO is one of the fastest built facilities in history. Thanks to our invaluable partnership with GC, this facility now stands at the forefront of our industry and will play an important part in ALPLA’s recycling business in Asia.”

The newly-built ENVICCO plant is Southeast Asia’s largest world-class facility, with a maximum production capacity of 45,000 tons of recycled plastic resins each year, which can be divided into 30,000 tons of rPET resin and 15,000 tons of rHDPE resin.