Fuhaichuang Petrochemical chooses Axens

Fuhaichuang Petrochemical Co., Ltd, one of the main private Chinese refiners, has selected Axens’ Ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking technology (H-Oil®) for a capacity of 1.5 MTA as the key unit of its residue upgrading plan in its petrochemical complex located in the port of Gulei, Fujian Province, China.

The project aims at producing Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) meeting RMG 380 specification from Vacuum Residue feedstock along with Middle Distillates (naphtha and diesel) that will be further upgraded within the existing assets of the refinery.

Axens’ scope of work will include the supply of process design package, and full services ranging from plant personnel training to unit start-up.

Said Wang Xiaojun, Technical Manager of Refining, “The H-Oil® solution proposed by Axens and tailored for Fuhaichuang Petrochemical is unique in a sense that it will allow to cope with challenging targets of VLSFO production, with one single train unit without importing low sulfur cutterstock. The use of specific operating conditions, latest yet industrially proven design, and a new generation of supported catalyst from Shell Catalysts & Technologies are the main contributors for this achievement.”

Fuhaichuang Petrochemical was formerly known as Dragon Aromatics, before an unfortunate explosion and fire resulted in an extended shutdown and reorganisation. Today, Fuhaichuang is 90% owned by the Chinese government via Fuhua Gulei Petrochemical Co Ltd, and 10% by Dragon Aromatics, Taiwan’s Xianglu Group.