Webinar On Demand: Independent Catalyst Testing Choose the best catalyst for increased profitability

When catalyst loading represents an investment of up to US$ 20MM, making the right catalyst choice can be critical not only for business success, but also a valuable investment.

Choosing the right catalyst for your refinery infrastructure is a key factor that can have a major impact on the yields, energy usage, and ultimately the profitability of your refinery. But operators lack the data, and the transparency, to make the best decisions. Catalyst choice has a huge impact on both daily operations and long-term planning. And for some refinery units such as hydrocrackers this decision will have a major effect on the economics of the refinery. Parallel testing can take the pressure off business decision makers, equipping them with the best resources and information to make the right catalyst choice for their business. Parallel testing and small-scale reactors enable refinery leaders to make fact-based catalyst evaluations with confidence.

In this webinar, Tiago Vilela and Theo Visser, share Avantium’s inside scoop on the challenges of choosing the right catalyst, the importance of catalyst testing for increased profitability, the why small-scale reactors are the next big thing.

What will operators learn:

  • How to test multiple catalysts with 16-parallel reactors: Reforming, Isomerization, Hydrocracking and Hydrotreating?
  • How do we achieve the highest accuracy and precision to compare similar catalysts?
  • Best practice test designs and methods approved by major catalyst vendors
  • Multiple case studies examples
  • Reforming Special : Comparison of C5+ yields and H2 production from our test results with the commercial reforming unit

Speakers include:

Speakers Biography:

Tiago Vilela, Director Refinery Catalyst, Testing, Avantium
Tiago has 18+ years’ experience in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries with a wide background in chemical engineering with strong project management & business skills. He holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Aveiro and a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree from Delft University of Technology. Tiago leads the Refinery Catalyst Testing (RCT) services at Avantium and is responsible for developing long-term business strategies.

Theo TJ Visser, Business Consultant, Avantium
Theo supports Avantium since 2018 as a Business Consultant and Subject Matter Expert to our Refinery Catalyst Testing business.

Theo worked 36 years for Shell/CRI Criterion in various roles related with catalyst testing, pilot plant design and automation. He spent a considerable part of his career in Singapore, India, Africa and the Middle East with 15 years combined experience in hydrocracking tech services, most recently as the Manager of the Technology Center in Singapore.  He has a strong background in catalyst testing combined with a technical support to refineries.

Watch the recording of the webinar below: