ADS Digital | Roundtable 2 – Addressing the Energy Transition, and Green & Bio-Technology

Navigating the energy transition, and forging ahead into the hydrogen economy.

The industry is well-aware of the need for the energy transition, but how ready is the industry for this, and what tools can refiners use to aid them in their drive toward embracing the energy transition? Above all, how will current business and operating models need to change in order to survive and flourish in a low-carbon world?

Roundtable – Addressing the Energy Transition, and Green & Bio-Technology 

  • Net-zero future (hydrogen, CCUS, biofuels) 
  • Decarbonisation & CO2 as Future Feedstock 
  • CCUS Technology + Hydrogen (Green) 
  • Avenues for oil and gas companies to lead in green innovation (Hydrogen, Biofuel, CCUS) 

Dr. Farhana Anuar (PhD), Principal, Consulting (Asia & Middle East), Argus Media


Purandar Chakravarty, Head – Innovation, Nayara Energy

Thangapandian Srinivasalu, Advisor, Essar Oil

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