Exclusive Webinar: Achieving Success in the Commissioning and Startup of Capital Projects

For new projects, industry experience today shows that there are typically delays after construction, and until business case production rates and volume are realized. These delays can be as long as 40 months.

The losses associated with these delays can be significantly reduced or even eliminated by effective best practice commissioning and start-up.  To achieve this requires the implementation of a multidisciplinary operational readiness review process using experienced SMEs, and well defined implementation procedures.

In this webinar we will cover:

  1.  How to ensure project readiness for commissioning and start-up
  2. How to achieve productivity and profitability goals using best practices
  3.  How to develop, monitor and/or implement a QC program for packaged units
  4.  How to develop, monitor and/or implement a dedicated flawless project execution (tightness, cleanliness, novelty, etc) program
  5. How to develop and provide operator & technician training

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Speaker: Chris van der Beek, Director, Becht Europe, Middle East & Africa

Chris van der Beek has leadership experience in Manufacturing Operations, Plant and Project Support and Business Opportunity Development in the Refining and Chemical industry, having worked 30 years for Shell with assignments in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan and Qatar. He believes next to Strategic Step Changes; Continuous Improvement-Lean ways of working are the road to success. 

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