Asian Downstream Insights 2021 Themes

Our 2021 editorial calendar features a range of themes, presented and curated for the ADI platform and shared in innovative ways to reach your target audience:

• Preparing the plants of tomorrow for the energy transition
• Hydrogen Management in the Refinery
• How will the trend towards new “cleaner” energy sources impact the traditional refining & petrochemical industry?
• Opportunities and challenges for Asia’s refining industry
• Managing Project Risks with Digital Project Execution
• The Digital Refinery and plant of the future
• Why converting existing brownfield refineries into a Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC) complex has become a necessity in the recent years
• Hydrogen Production tailored for Energy Co-generation, Self-sufficiency and Decarbonisation
• Co-Processing with Renewables
• Carbon Capture, Storage and Application
• Revamping hydrocracking units to increase flexibility and margins
• Innovative catalysts designed to meet today’s challenges while anticipating future challenges
• The Role of FCC Catalyst Beyond the Reactor

• Innovations boosting safety in refining & petrochemicals
• Next Steps in Energy Efficiency
• Circular economy - waste (plastics) recycling and conversion technologies
• Status of regional projects: ongoing, revised scope, updated goals, implementation challenges
• Empowering the workforce. Training, resources and preparing for the digital revolution
• Asset Management and IoT to drive plant improvements, achieve operational excellence and improve quality
• VR & Drone technology for refinery & petrochemical plants
• Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Downstream Oil & Gas – applications and case studies
• Sustainability in the downstream industry
• Refinery – petrochemical integration and adapting to growing demand for petrochemicals
• Important market shifts & trends: disruptors & game changers