A closer look at the Qpinch-Borealis collaboration

The world around us in all of its natural glory is but our greatest muse, and sometimes leads to what can only be described as breakthrough technologies.

Take Belgium start-up Qpinch for example: Mimicking natural processes that store and release energy in living cells, they have developed a technology to recover industrial waste heat. Thanks to this, they won the 2015 “Emerging Technology” award in a competition sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, won the 2020 ICIS Innovation Award and gained intense industry attention.

Now, Qpinch is collaborating with Borealis to scale up this technology, which is ready for a variety of industry-wide applications. In an interview with Asian Downstream Insights, Erik van Praet, VP Innovation & Technology at Borealis, and Erik Verdeyen, Chief Evangelist at Qpinch, discuss the collaboration and what it means for the companies and the industry as a whole.