Mitsui, Pertamina launch joint feasibility study on CCUS commercialisation in Indonesia

Japanese corporation Mitsui & Co., Ltd. has launched a joint feasibility study with Indonesian oil and natural gas corporation PT Pertamina, aimed at studying carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) commercialisation in Indonesia.

This study aims to evaluate the CO2 subsurface storage capacity of the oil and gas fields whose production volume has been declining, among those in Rokan Block, which is operated by Pertamina in Central Sumatra, and is one of the largest onshore oil and gas blocks in Indonesia containing Duri and Minas oil fields.

The study also aims to examine potential commercialisation toward the establishment of a CCUS value chain, including capture and transportation of CO2 emitted from industrial plants, power generation plants, and other facilities. This study will also look into the potential of receiving CO2 not only from within Indonesia but also from other nations, including Japan, via ship transportation, aiming to create new low-carbon solution business in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of Asia’s leading oil and natural gas producers, and it is expected that the oil and gas fields entering a production decline phase in the nation will be reused in CCUS-related business. In this initiative, by effectively utilising the abundant technical data on and existing infrastructure in the promising fields owned by Pertamina, Mitsui will strive to co-develop a cost-competitive CCUS project in which synergies based on advantage of scale can be expected.

Based on its expertise accumulated in projects in which Mitsui has already participated in the U.K. and other countries, Mitsui will promote initiatives toward the creation of a CCUS value chain in the Asia Pacific region through its partnership with Pertamina, thereby accelerating CCUS commercialisation projects around the globe.

Toru Iijima, Chief Operating Officer of Energy Business Unit 1 and Energy Solution Business Unit said, “CCUS is expected to play a significant role in helping the Asia-Pacific region achieve a low-carbon economy while meeting its growing energy demand. Leveraging our expertise in the oil and gas upstream business and extensive business networks, both of which represent Mitsui’s strengths, we will work closely with Pertamina to provide industrial CO2 reduction solution in Indonesia. Through development of CCUS-related business globally, Mitsui continues to contribute to creating an eco-friendly society.”