Japan embarks on first full-scale CCS project

ENEOS Corporation, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation and Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., have established the West Japan Carbon Dioxide Storage Survey Co., Ltd., as a joint venture to accelerate preparations for the commercialization of domestic CCS.

The three companies are jointly working on a feasibility study for large-scale CCS in Japan to reduce CO₂ emissions. In addition, the companies aim to contribute to achieving Japan’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets while ensuring a stable energy supply by implementing Japan’s first full-scale CCS supply chain by 2030. The companies will collaborate with other partners who are working on carbon neutrality.

With the understanding and cooperation of local residents, local governments, and national and related organizations, the joint venture will promote preparations for commercialization, including exploration and evaluation. The intention is to select candidate sites for CO₂ storage in western Japan where the sources of ENEOS and J-POWER emissions are located and where the potential for CO₂ storage is anticipated, with the aim of starting CO₂ injection in 2030.