IEA in talks with India for full membership

Ministers from the International Energy Agency’s member countries have agreed to start discussions with India on the Indian government’s request to become a full IEA member, recognising the country’s strategic importance in tackling global energy and climate challenges.

Ministers from the IEA’s 31 member countries made the announcement in a joint communique following the IEA’s 2024 Ministerial Meeting and 50th Anniversary events in Paris on 13-14 February.

India, which joined the IEA Family as an Association country in 2017, sent a formal request for full membership to IEA ministers in October 2023. India becoming an IEA member would mark a huge, consequential change in international energy governance. As the world’s most populous country, India is set to play an increasingly central role in efforts to safeguard energy security, drive inclusive energy transitions, and combat climate change.

In the next three decades, India is poised to see the largest energy demand growth of any country in the world as industrialisation and urbanisation surge and per capita income rises sharply.

“We are very happy that ministers from the IEA’s member countries have agreed to start membership talks with India – this is a major milestone for international energy governance,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. “A valued and indispensable partner of our Agency, India plays a crucial and growing role in the global energy economy. The world cannot plan for its energy future without India at the table.”

“India is the world’s fastest growing major economy. Sustained growth needs energy security and sustainability,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. “Inclusivity boosts the credibility and capability for any institution. 1.4 billion Indians bring talent, technology and innovation to the table. We bring scale and speed, quantity and quality to every mission. I am sure that the IEA will benefit when India plays a bigger role in it.”