Braskem-Lummus partnership heralds next chapter for Green Ethylene

Braskem, one of the largest biopolymer producers in the world, and Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, have formed a partnership that aims to license worldwide Braskem’s technology to produce green ethylene. This partnership will accelerate the use of bioethanol for chemicals and plastics, supporting the industry’s efforts towards a carbon neutral circular economy.

Braskem is one of the pioneer suppliers of renewable raw material for bio-based “I’m green” polyethylene, and has recently announced a target to produce one million tons of “I’m green” polyethylene by 2030.  Cooperation will be key to achieving this goal and this new partnership with Lummus will bring complementary knowledge and skills to shorten the timeline to the target, while at the same time extending the geographic reach of the technology.

Data: 14.01.2014 Local: Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul Cliente: Braskem Área: Resinas Plásticas Unidade: Plantas industriais Localidade: Triunfo Assunto: Fotos da área industrial da planta de renováveis – Plástico Verde. 1.5.1. Assistente: Leonardo Reis Foto: Bitenka

Lummus, a recognised leader in ethylene production technologies, has licensed approximately 40 percent of global ethylene capacity, giving the company the technical capability as well as the licensing expertise to further develop and market the technology behind green ethylene. This partnership enables the license of the technology globally.

This partnership is also aligned with Braskem’s purpose to make people’s lives better and supporting ways to foster a safe climate future. The demand for green ethylene is growing and the licensing of a proven technology that has been used for more than 10 years provide the necessary confidence for the future investments. Together, Braskem and Lummus are ensuring the growth of green ethylene production worldwide.

Walmir Soller, VP Olefins/Polyolefins Braskem Europe & Asia and CEO Braskem Netherlands BV, said, “Lummus brings licensing experience and process knowledge into this partnership to extend the reach of Braskem’s proven green ethylene technology worldwide. With this initiative, we believe we are also contributing with an alternative for the industry to move towards a carbon neutral circular economy.”

Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology, said, “We are truly excited with this partnership, which helps the world diversify the feedstock sources for chemicals and plastics with biomass. Leveraging the combined experience and expertise of Lummus and Braskem to produce green ethylene thus reduces carbon footprint and plays a promising role in the energy transition.

Braskem has already been operating the technology successfully at large scale, and together we are going to expand the world’s production of low carbon chemicals and polymers from renewable feedstocks, helping our customers decarbonise their assets and produce greener products.”