Roundtable Discussion: Efficiency and Compliance in Developing and Maintaining a Downstream Facility

Downstream facilities of today face increasing challenges, which include the necessities of implementing improvement initiatives to improve yield, comply with changing government regulations, improve safety and availability, whilst implementing capability to take advantage of new market opportunities, producing new product. This requires improved collaboration amongst project participants and suppliers, improved visibility and speed. To do so, organisations are turning to modern, project management solutions that improve project collaboration– a fundamentally different approach from the traditional, siloed and disconnected systems providing poor visibility utilised previously.

However, some challenges that may arise include the issue of data security and privacy: Complying with regulatory standards in accordance with industry guidelines and local, national, and international laws.

These approaches are valid for both large capital projects and the portfolio of smaller maintenance initiatives that are constantly being delivered.

You are invited to join the experts and leaders from Oracle on 24 February 2022 (Time: TBC) for as they discuss how downstream organisations can properly utilise modern project management solutions to maximise efficiency of project delivery whilst supporting good governance and oversight.

Points for discussion:

  • Why look at modern project management solutions?
  • How can modern project management systems improve project delivery?
  • What do organisations need to consider before investing into modern project management solutions?
  • What does improved collaboration look like?
  • Challenges that organisations and management may face in adopting modern project management solutions
  • Can these solutions be applied to small projects?
  • What are some compliance issues organisations need to be aware of?
  • Tips and tricks on making the most of Oracle’s construction and engineering solutions in the oil and gas industry

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