Webcast: Roadmap for successful implementation of digitalisation in oil & gas

“Over 90% of decision makers believe that, they’ll be left behind if they don’t digitalize”

It can be hard to measure the ROI of digitalisation. Seamlessly integrating multiple technologies is the key to effectively capture the value of digitalisation, and this requires expertise and domain experience.

In this webcast Ingenero shares exclusive insights on how to integrate and optimise the multiple facets of your digital strategy and gain real actionable results.

Key learning points from this webinar:

  • Providing operators with a roadmap for digital success and higher performance results
  • Outlining the key drivers for successful digital transformation
  • Showcasing how operators can exponentially increase value capture
  • Discussing how operators can easily access and manage their assets digitally?
  • Outlining the importance of choosing the right digitalization solution for your “pain-areas”
  • Outlining the important steps before and after implementation of Digitalization Solutions
  • Sharing how operators can achieve Sustainability through Digitalization

Presenter: Pratap Nair, President & CEO, Ingenero Pratap is one of the founding members of Ingenero, on its board and also currently serves as its President & CEO. At Ingenero, Pratap has played a key role in commercially validating the innovative concept of digitally driven remote process engineering and data analytics based process plant monitoring and support solutions, beyond its initial formulation in 2002. Ingenero now serves several customers in the Chemical Process Industry in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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