Conference Themes


  • Towards a zero (net) carbon refinery
  • Next step in hydrogen story: Refiners and Petrochemicals go sustainable
  • Circular economy - waste (plastics) recycling and conversion technologies
  • Status of regional projects: ongoing, revised scope, updated goals, implementation challenges
  • Innovative Clean Fuels and Petrochemical Technologies
  • Co-Processing with Renewables
  • Carbon Capture, Storage and Application
  • Securing a Future through petrochemical Integration
  • Adapting to growing demand for petrochemicals
  • Next Steps in Energy Efficiency
  • Large scale project updates from refinery and petrochemical leaders
  • Why converting existing brownfield refineries into a Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC) complex has become a necessity in the recent years
  • Revamping hydrocracking units to increase flexibility and margins
  • Innovative catalysts designed to meet today’s challenges while anticipating future challenges
  • Shutdowns and Turnarounds
  • Shaping the future of refining: outlining the journey to a carbon neutral sector
asian downstream summit 2019
asian downstream summit 2019